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5 Best Ads writing tips to sell puppies and dogs online!

5 Best Ads writing tips to sell puppies and dogs online!

Selling your puppies online is an art. It requires certain tips and strategies. Customers and potential pet owners are a lot more informed and demanding than they used to be and would usually lean towards buying from responsible breeders. Selling your puppies online means writing some description and history about your puppies. Ads must be comprehensive but not too long and could even include some form of detail about the puppies’ parents.

Here are simple yet effective best writing tips for puppy sale ads!

1. Be Detailed

As a dog owner, advertising on an e-platform to people who have zero knowledge about you and the parents of your litter can be challenging. Offer as much valuable information as possible about your puppies to help them take a decision. Connecting with your customers is very important. Your ads do not have to please people, just be honest about your sale. Only the right people will keep reading on and eventually contact you.

2. Be Precise

Some ads could go on and on without any real substance. Be detailed but concise. Keep the prospects entertained and captivated. This is because people browsing puppy ads read so many ads so their attention span will be short.

Apart from the puppy’s name (if any), age, breed, price and any other fees, include the parents’ pedigree, health history of the parents and puppy, vaccinations (if any) and the differences between all the puppies in that same litter.

Each puppy in your kennel breeding program is different, so no two ads should be the same for puppies!

3. Be Frank

Now this might be hard, but it’s all a part of your brutal honesty. Is the puppy too quiet or aggressive or has a weird scar or colour? No harm in being honest about the flaws as buyers have different preferences. By being upfront, prospects don’t waste your time at a later stage since any element of surprise is gone. In addition, you are building your reputation in two ways:

  • If you are a breeder, it shows you are professional, objective and know how to spot a flaw, however tiny, in dogs.

  • Secondly, it means you are trustworthy. Many people selling dogs online, hide horrible defects and health concerns just to get rid of the dog. To sell dogs online efficiently, a dog breeder must convey the main points across fast. Otherwise, the reader will readily move on to another shorter, convincing puppy selling ad.

4. Use Great Photos and Videos

Of course, buyers would want to see what their would-be furry friend will look like, so post nice photos and videos of your puppies. You can utilize our forum platform here at Dog Minders to post videos of your dogs and refer prospects to your forum posts.

Take pictures of your puppies at their best and upload them. Bear in mind also, that what may appeal to you, may not appeal to others and vice versa. Whenever possible, use video to show your puppy’s interactions with littermates (brothers and sisters) and the people at home.

5. Explain What’s Coming

So let’s say the prospect is happy with your ad and loves the puppy, what should they do next? Be clear with your instructions on how they should contact you. Inform the buyer on the next steps leading up to the sale, for example:

  • When you are available for a physical meeting and inspection of the dog

  • Where will the meeting take place? At your home or at a neutral location agreed with the buyer

  • Will the puppy’s parents be present at the meeting?

  • What methods of payment are you willing to accept?

If you have a lot of steps, you may want to give the buyer your requirements after he or she has contacted you.

Goodluck selling.

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