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It’s a question I don’t know whether it is a question that belongs in. It’s a good idea to spark discussion, so I’ll put it up here. Since the introduction of the GE and before then shops were for the most part redundant. Some shops are helpful for a variety of reasons, including shops that offer unusual things that they never get listed on the GE, or those that sell expensive products in bulk cheaply, like feathers or runes.

There are stores that offer unique or rare items like Faruq’s tools or Faruq’s clothing store. But most shops for every day gielinorians are not used and useless. Nowadays, nobody will ever sell jewellery or gems to the jeweler or to go to taverly in order to purchase the mithril2h sword.

What changes are feasible to make shopping more efficient? What suggestions do you have to increase the value of shops? To give an example suggestion, I think shops for clothing would be a good idea if they all worked like Thessalia’s, so that all no-stat clothing can be part of standard clothing. Since the clothes that are standard are appreciated and admired by all and clothing that is a bit more expensive gets in the way armor or other essential items, this would encourage more people to visit those stores.

Hey, gals and guys! Tas here. Your friend here-once, then gone-again RSOF lurker. In any case! Let me tell you all about the fraud I was swindled and what you can do to avoid it. Nobody I’ve spoken to has heard about this before, but I jotted it down in my brain, and just make sure you don’t fall for it yourselves.

Do not fall for people who offer exorbitant prices on junk in large amounts. “Need 300 steel pickaxes! Each one will be offered at 10 dollars. This happened to me at ge. I owned several steel pickaxes and the user bought them each for 10k, as promised.

I was thinking way too fast and ran to the store to purchase some more. They didn’t purchase. Then they stopped buying more. This meant I’d already raised the cost to 2k, 3k and 4k to get the buy. This was just to make sure I got the ridiculously high profit offered me by the user (10k per advert). I need 300 pickaxes!”

I ended up spending several mills on 100 or 200 pickaxes. These pickaxes were mysteriously purchased for the exact amount. When I went back to the ge user, he had logged. What happened? See what happened? could afford – and then made an open announcement on his desperation for needing pickaxes at a HIGHER PRICE THAN HE SOLD FOR.

The GE sent me a message stating that his offer had been accepted. I then logged off. The account was full of gibberish for a name, like I said, so I imagine the funds are going to be switched over to a main at some time. tongue.png

Be wary of those who post similar messages like “OMFG need to buy Naooo” particularly when they require a large quantity of a junkie that you wouldn’t normally be able purchase. It is possible that you’ll be the only one in the GE feeling a bit lost and isolated. Cheers!

It’s been two months since the launch of Squeal of Fortune. We wanted to address some of the feedback from players and dispel some myths about the app’s popularity.

First of all I’d like to say thank you to everyone for their feedback on the Squeal of Fortune updates. Squeal of Fortune was created to be a fun and enjoyable feature for RuneScape. It gives players a new way to earn free rewards every day that they sign into RuneScape. As with the majority of our updates, our members always receive extra benefits like double the free spins daily and we’ve adapted the feature since its launch, offering all of our players numerous other methods to earn free Squeal spins within the game.

As with all content we add to RuneScape, we took great care to make sure that the Squeal of Fortune would enhance the experience of playing without compromising what makes this game special for millions of players every day. We truly believe we have succeeded in both priorities.

We understand that not all people are happy with the Squeal Of Fortune. Despite our best efforts, we aren’t able to please all.

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