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Can Dogs Eat Eggs? 🤔

Can Dogs Eat Eggs? 🤔

Some of us may wonder if eggs form part of a dog’s diet. Well, eggs are a source of protein, calcium, vitamin A, folate, vitamin D, and fat for your pooch. Dogs can eat eggs that are boiled, scrambled, or even fried; they are a great treat for your dog to eat. However, for small dogs, it may be best to divide the cooked egg into smaller bits and feed it over several days.

Another treat are egg shells. Dogs love egg shells; and they are mostly made of calcium. You can try feeding your dog the egg and shell together or separately. You can also dry the shells and grind them up as a source of calcium. Additional sources of calcium other than egg shells include yogurt, cheese and lactose-free milk.

Depending on the type of food you give your dog, you could include the egg shells as the extra calcium to your dog’s diet. Puppies particularly enjoy eating eggs. It is not just about calcium, but balancing calcium and phosphorus in your dog’s diet. However, eggs should not form the mainstay of a dog’s diet to avoid digestive upset.

Adding extra calcium without balancing the diet can result in bone and growth problems for your puppy. Some argue that raw egg white is harmful to dogs as it may cause Biotin deficiency (Vitamin B) which can make your dog very sick. So when feeding with raw egg, it is important to feed the entire egg (including the yolk) as egg yolks are very high in Biotin. You can also include other sources of Biotin in the diet as well. Raw egg has much more nutritional value than a cooked egg, although cooking the egg eliminates the risk of Biotin deficiency.

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