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Dog Attends Black Lives Matter Protest in Cincinatti

Dog Attends Black Lives Matter Protest in Cincinatti

A dog is showing what canine allyship looks like after attending a Black Lives Matter protest. During a peaceful demonstration in Ohio following the murder of George Floyd, the dog known as Buddy and his owner Sarah Emrick marched in solidarity. Protestors couldn’t help but enjoy the doggo’s commitment to the march as he carried a sign saying ‘Black Lives Matter’. Although some did raise concerns over bringing an animal to a protest, Sarah confirmed that Buddy is used to large crowds and is absolutely fine in a protest.

One person wrote: ‘Please be safe. Animals don’t really get the concept of social discourse and protesting, but love us nonetheless. Let’s not betray that trust.’

Sarah replied to the post, saying: “This is my dog. I know him and I know that he could handle this. It was a peaceful protest and no one was hurt. I was aware of my surroundings and was very careful to make sure neither of us got hurt. And I left before the curfew kicked in at 9. He was happy to be there”.

Sarah also added another tweet to reassure people that Buddy was fine. “I understand that people don’t think he should’ve been there but I was aware of my surroundings and I would never let him be harmed. Buddy sends his love”.

The doggy was spotted by the admin of famous canine Twitter account ‘We Rate Dogs’. Admin Matt, who goes by The Dog Father online said: “Happy to report the famous protest pup is doing just fine. His name is Buddy, he has two cat friends, and he loves going on adventures and supporting his humans more than anything”.


Credit @metro uk

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