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Dog Fantasy Monday!

Dog Fantasy Monday!

The Poodle is an impressive dog breed which was developed for hunting waterfowls; they come in three varieties: Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodle. It is mostly believed that the Poodle originated from Germany and France. Poodles are regarded as one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Loving, loyal, mischievous and highly trainable, the Poodle is known for his regal appearance and dignified attitude.

Height & Weight: Toy Poodle: 24 – 28 cm, Miniature Poodle: 28 – 35 cm, Standard Poodle: 45 – 60 cm.

Personality traits: Playful, Loyal, Intelligent and Loving.

Health: The Poodle breed is prone to hip dysplasia, Hypothyroidism, epilepsy and Optic Nerve Hypoplasia.

Grooming Needs: Low

Average Life span: 12 to 15 years

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