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Is my Labrador Overweight?

Is my Labrador Overweight?

Labrador Retrievers are foodies and many of them are prone to obesity as they age, in addition to being very lazy, (I can testify). Obesity can be a huge problem in domestic dogs and owners should be aware that all those extra weight come with a lot of health issues that may shorten their lifespan, just as it does in humans. If you own a Lab, you should pay attention if you see he is getting rather fat around the belly, talk to your vet to check for any medical issues and get him on a diet and exercise program. Below are a few signs to help you find out if your Labrador is a bit too fat:

#1 – Where are his Ribs?

Lab’s ribs are generally not visible but you should be able to feel them when you run your hands across his middle. If you do not feel your Labrador Retrievers’ ribs easily when you feel his middle, it may just be time to visit your vet.

#2 – No Precision

Being a fat Labrador is no fun at all. If your Lab has no precision or definition, that is certainly a cause for worry. If your dog is one smooth line from chest to tail, she is packing lots of weight. While not as obvious as some breeds, healthy Labrador Retrievers should have some definition to their body.

#3 – Excessive Panting

Excessive panting is another sign that your Labrador Retriever is overweight. Unless your Lab is stressed, if he starts to pant after only taking a few walks, he may be out of shape and overweight. It is definitely time to start an exercise regimen to slowly build back his stamina and make him lose some weight.

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