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Why I Sniff Human crotches 🤔

Why I Sniff Human crotches 🤔

If you are like me, you would have often wondered why your dog goes straight to your crotch for a sniffing exercise whenever they come around you. Wonder no more. You see, when it comes to using their nose, dogs don’t typically understand human boundaries. They often greet a new dog with a quick sniff of the rear end, so that often extends to how they greet humans. Dogs will gladly shove their noses into a human’s crotch with no hesitation. While the invasive sniffing can be awkward, especially if your dog does it to a visitor, it’s their way of saying hello and learning about someone.

In fact, male dogs are especially known for being avid sniffers when searching for a mate since it’s a way to know if a female is ovulating or pregnant. Most mammals have apocrine glands, including humans. For humans, these glands are concentrated in the armpits and genitals.

Here are some interesting facts to note:

• A dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 times greater than ours;

• The sniffing curiosity of dogs is about gathering information and saying hello (no harm in that.. 😀)

• Some human crotches might interest dogs more than others, for example; humans who have recently had sexual intercourse, are menstruating, or have recently given birth.

All of the above will awaken a dog’s interest. This is because those people are secreting a higher level of pheromones. So even when a dog is familiar with their owner, if that owner just experienced any of the above, they are letting off a scent that will arouse a dog’s curiosity.

So, think of that dog’s nose in your crotch as a form of small talk leading to an interesting conversation 😁. It may be awkward for you but for your dog, it’s a way to gather preliminary information. A dog’s nose tells them everything they need to know, at least, for the moment.

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