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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle for your Dog.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle for your Dog.

A good start to a healthy lifestyle for your dog will be to keep your dog from getting fat and maintaining a normal weight. No matter how good your dog is at begging (some of us fall for this😊) you have got to limit his treats, feed him the right good quality food so your dog gets all the nutrients he needs without eating too much.

Regular exercise will help with both your dog’s weight and aid in cancer prevention. Studies have shown that increased leisure-time exercise promotes lower risk of cancer in humans; the results showed up to a 20 percent reduction in cancer.

Notice that the study says “leisure-time” exercise. That means not a work-related exercise, not daily routine or activity. In dog care, this does not mean turning your dog out in the backyard. You need to throw a ball or go for a long walk or short run. Maybe he enjoys romping at the dog park. He’s just got to get out there and move.

Regular exercise helps reduce stress, another lifestyle factor in the development of cancer. Uncontrolled stress has been shown to exacerbate tumor growth in humans. Signs of stress in your dog vary from obvious (digestive upset or lack of appetite) to subtle (persistent licking with no other cause, yawning, scratching for no obvious reason, dropped tail, drooling, low/back ears).

What You Need to Do: Feed your dog with good-quality food in appropriate amounts to keep your dog fit and slender. Be sure your dog gets plenty of exercise, and address stress issues by seeking the help of a trainer or your veterinarian to isolate and eliminate the source.

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