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Observing Your Puppy’s Growth

Observing Your Puppy’s Growth

Most of us probably do not know that there is an art to feeding puppies. The best “master’s eye” catches those tiny details i.e. a lackluster coat, lower-energy pup, digestive abnormalities like chronic diarrhea or constipation – that might signal to you, the need to look a bit closer at the puppy’s diet. You might need to occasionally adjust your feeding routine to give the puppy what it needs to thrive. Even within a litter of puppies, there might be genetic differences and predispositions that would require you to tweak your approach to each puppies’ diet. Seems a lot of work right? Oh well.

To cover the basics, just be sure to satisfy your puppy’s energy requirements with enough (but not too many!) calories, and provide a nutritionally balanced diet, especially in those first crucial months. And then, just keep that master’s eye on all your puppies. Good luck! 😉

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