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Raw Honey for Healing Minor Topical wounds.

Raw Honey for Healing Minor Topical wounds.

Dog injuries could be quite disturbing and unsightly. A good remedy for minor topical wounds would be raw honey. Manuka honey is a top choice for natural wound dressing. In fact, Manuka honey has been medically approved for use on human burn patients. However, any raw honey will help keep the wound area clean and moist, which promotes healing in a dog. Honeyโ€™s natural antibacterial properties reduce the chance of infection and protect the injured area.

Ensure to clean the wound, spread on a thick coat of honey and then apply a light bandage, if necessary. Of course, you may have to also use a protective device to stop your dog from licking the area!

Note: Deep, wide or puncture wounds should always be examined by a veterinarian before applying any medicine.

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