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Should I buy a puppy or an adult dog? ๐Ÿค”

Should I buy a puppy or an adult dog? ๐Ÿค”

Getting a puppy or an adult dog can sometimes be a dilemma due to work life and insufficient time to care for your dog. While adult dogs are easier to care for especially the trained ones, puppies generally require much time and attention just like babies. Deciding whether to buy a pup or adult dog depends largely on your work life and finances.

Work Life: What kind of work do you do? Does my work allow me enough time for myself? Will I be a dedicated owner? These are questions that will help you make the right decisions. Your work life in terms of free time to spend with your puppy plays a crucial role.

Raising a puppy requires a great deal of time, dedication and patience.  Puppies are not to be left alone for long periods because they can become destructive; munch your shoes, books, slip-ons and many more, except if confined to a cage. Puppies require frequent meals, lots of interactions with people, outside trips and of course, lots of love. Besides its irresistible cuteness, raising a puppy from its early years affords its owner the opportunity to participate in its training and socialization every step of the way, thereby strengthening bonding.

An adult healthy dog has fewer demands. They tend to be calmer, more mature, and know basic obedience. Nonetheless, you still need to spend time with your adult dog for bonding, though not the same amount of time puppies require. Taking at least 30 minutesโ€™ walk with your dog daily is necessary but may not always be practical for the dog owner. You should discuss with your local vet on the required amount of exercise for your dog breed.

Finances: This helps you in making the right decision on what you โ€œreallyโ€ want in the absence of quality time to spend with your dog. You can enroll your puppy or dog in a โ€˜dog care centreโ€™ for a fee. These โ€˜dog care centersโ€™ take care of your dog while you are away at work. So you can drop off your dog on your way to work, and pick it up after work; this way, you have more time for yourself and can just focus on creating time for bonding with your dog.

In the alternative, you can hire a pet sitter. Pet sitters care for pets while the owners are away. They do this in the home of the owners so, the pets stay in their familiar territory. You can also purchase a trained dog from a dog trainer; there are a number of them around the country. Getting a trained dog will be more costly than a non-trained dog.

Be it a puppy or an adult dog you wish to acquire, you need not be in a dilemma on which to buy because of your job. Just follow the above tips, and be on your way to getting that lovely puppy or adult dog you want. Best of luck! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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