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The Saint Bernard Dog – Giant Alpine Rescuer!

The Saint Bernard Dog – Giant Alpine Rescuer!

The Saint Bernard is famously known as a rescue dog. He is kind, calm and absolutely huge with a thick coat. Originally bred for rescue by the monks in Italy, this dog has become a great companion for humans. St. Bernards are massive dogs who would rescue stranded travelers and keep them alive and warm. They are surprisingly very agile despite their huge size.

St. Bernards are very attached to their owners and friendly with other dogs; they have very cuddly instincts, tolerant and are not aggressive. They do not make excellent guard dogs. They like their human companions and are kind and gentle with kids and family members so would be a trusted pet in the house. They could be a little wary in meeting strangers and requires little exercise. When buying a St. Bernard bear in mind that not all St Bernard breeds live a long life. They have a rich and noble history and will go down as one of the most courageous and amazing dogs to help travelers out. 

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