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Top Five Most Affectionate Dogs…🐕

Top Five Most Affectionate Dogs…🐕

Be it a guard dog or pet dog; this does not determine just how affectionate a dog is. Well, let’s find out who made the list of the top five most affectionate dogs!

Great Danes

Great Danes also known as the “Gentle Giant” are tall with an imposing stature and a kind heart. They are excellent family dogs for they are very gentle and watchful with children, and rarely display aggression except when faced with a threat. They display affection by nudging your hand for a pet/pat on the head, or by following your every move.

Labrador Retriever

These sweet, kindhearted, eager to please friends are great family dogs and playmates for children; known worldwide for their specialized service work. Their love for water knows no bounds hence, having a swimming pool around the home is a great start for these playful chaps. Though they can be protective of their owners, they are still never aggressive.

Golden Retriever

They are very athletic excellent service dogs, with little difference from the Labradors- their long, thick body coats. They are never aggressive just like the Labs, love being cuddled, and are top family dogs.


Greyhounds are generally docile, very friendly, and crave lots of attention from their owners. They are very affectionate dogs and loved to be cuddled every now and then.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These kind, gentle and playful friends love to be lapped and pampered all the time. They can never get enough of their owners as they are often present where their owners are. They are good companions to the sick and elderly, and make for excellent family dogs. However, they are very relaxed with strangers and can never be a watchdog.

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