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What You Don’t Know about Male & Female Dogs.

What You Don’t Know about Male & Female Dogs.

You may wonder, “what possible difference there is between male and female dogs besides their anatomy.”? Well, here are some intriguing information you need to know about these lovely canines. This information will better help you decide on which sex you can better cope with.

Behavioural Patterns

Irrespective of the various dog breeds, female dogs bark more often than the males particularly when a stranger is within their territory. Female dogs can also be very manipulative with the males especially after birthing puppies. They bully their male partner by denying it food while safeguarding meals served for the whole, only for their children.

There is a general belief that female dogs mature faster both physically and socially than their male counterparts. My observation from my dogs show that female dogs are more aggressive and bark more often compared to the males who display more dominance of their territory.


Studies reveal that female dogs are easier to train and learn faster. This maybe due to their early physical and social maturity.

Feeding Habits

Unlike male breeds, female dogs are picky eaters. Some people may consider this change in food pattern stressful and cost-consuming. However, when you have both male and female dogs in your care, be very observant so you can easily detect when the females start rejecting meals. Replace such meals with foods they love; this way you can tell if it is just a change in appetite or, your dog needs medical attention.

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