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Why dogs are a Must!

Why dogs are a Must!

Dogs are such fun to have around; their presence in homes are of immense benefits to humans. These lovely friends are symbols of what pure love entails, no wonder they are called man’s best friend.


These four-legged canines are good companions to have around. Spending time with dogs reduces feelings of isolation and loneliness, and studies show that it lowers the heart rate, blood pressure, and increases levels of serotonin and dopamine; two neurochemicals which helps the mind stay calm, resists depression and other mood disorders.

Staying Healthy

Health experts generally recommend 150 hours of exercise per week for adults, and dogs require daily exercise to keep them active. Dogs are a source of motivation for their owners to get up from bed and take long walks. Research shows that daily dog walks helps in body weight loss and that dog owners are 54% more likely to get the recommended amount of exercise compared to non-dog owners.


Virtually all dogs have that natural instinct to protect their territory and family, this include their owners. These ever faithful friends will gladly lay down their lives to protect their loved ones. Their natural ability to detect sounds from far distance and continuous barks deter criminal activities. Retrievers especially, are great smell detectors with ability to detect dangerous substances or chemicals.

Social Life

As a dog owner, you gradually learn to understand your dog’s body movements, moods, and expressions. Even through their barks, you can detect when danger is lurking, or a stranger is around. Living with these lovely pets and engaging them is a form of relationship that improves social life and a great fit for the elderly. When you take your dog for a walk, you get to meet other dog owners you can interact with

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