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Why We Like Them Big! 😎 Part 1.

Why We Like Them Big! 😎 Part 1.

Dogs come in different shapes and sizes, as well as with different personalities. While there are thousands of breeds, these are my top ten biggest dogs. Meet the first five!


Having a height of 27-30 inches tall, and a weight of about 150 pounds; the origin of this breed is uncertain. Research shows this breed was bred to help fishermen hence, they are known for doing water jobs and rescue.

They are great swimmers and can haul nets from boats, and they can pull carts as well. Their thick double coat makes them appear bigger.

Tibetan Mastiff

Weighing between 75-160 pounds, with a height of 24-30 inches; these fearless and independent dogs are both very intelligent and athletic in build.

Great Danes

Standing tall at 28-30 inches, and weighing between 100 to 120 pounds; the Great Danes originated in Germany. They are the offsprings of the crossbreed between the Irish Wolfhounds and the English Mastiffs. Known as the Gentle Giant, they are friendly, reliable and very patient.

Scottish Deerhound

They have a height of about 32 inches, and a weight of 110 pounds. This dog breed originated in Germany and are used for hunting deer. They are one of the most ancient hunting breeds in the world. They do not bark much and are fast learners.

Anatolian Shepherd

Standing at 31 inches tall, and weight of 150 pounds; these strong and muscular dogs originated in Turkey to guard sheep against predators. They are very territorial, protective, and calm.

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